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Our product development team has been working up a storm over the past six weeks to create, test, and get v8.12 ready to roll out to customers. This latest release includes features that help you open up Eurasian markets, booking dimension improvements, and enhanced system to system bookings. As always, if there is anything in our latest release that you would like to learn more about, simply call us on 020 7912 2000 or email us at

Cyrillic characters

Our courier and mailroom software now support Cyrillic characters, including on labels and manifests. The writing system is used for various languages across Eurasia, and is the national script in various Slavic-, Turkic-, and Persian- speaking countries. The addition of Cyrillic characters helps you to open up your markets to include countries in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, plus Central and Northern Asia.

Private taxi bookings

A supplementary addition to our normal offerings, it is now possible to book private taxis via our GLH integration. This new feature is of particular benefit to mailrooms who work with NHS trusts across the UK as it helps to streamline patient transfers.

Enhanced system to system third-party bookings

Making a booking via other Metafour customers is now more convenient than ever. If you book a delivery via one of their third-party carriers, their system will automatically send back the relevant tracking numbers to your system. This will help to streamline your delivery process and improve your customer service.

Booking dimension improvements

v8.12 brings you more control over your bookings, as it offers you the flexibility to set the maximum width, length, and heights for your deliveries. Your customers can therefore add the dimensions of their delivery to the client portal, and receive more accurate pricing than previously available. This feature will help to prevent services being made available if pieces within your shipment hit the maximum dimensions, thereby limiting surcharges.

API pick-up requests

You can now offer your customers pick-ups at the same time as their bookings and cancellations via our innovative API. This gives you the flexibility to build a bespoke client booking screen on your website and offer all of your services in one place.

Integration pick-up requests

We have been gradually adding pick-up requests to our integrations, and DHL Parcel UK is the most recent addition to the list. Although not currently available for all of our integrations, pick-up requests can be created for DHL, FedEx, UPS, eCourier and more. Please contact us for a full list.