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Transparency is key to building customer’s trust, a recent study on the US home delivery market has concluded. It says that retailers need to focus on providing a high degree of transparency if they want to ensure a strong customer experience.

Metafour have always agreed with this theory and as a result design software systems with the operator and customers in mind. In the delivery space, customer peace of mind is key in building trust and managing delivery expectation and keeping your customers coming back to book time and time again.

The recent report, produced by Retail Systems Research (RSR) and sponsored by Descartes, advised retailers looking to improve their home delivery performance: “The more consumers feel engaged in the process, the more comfortable they will be in ordering from you”. If you are a customer focused organisation transparency is key and  you need systems that reflect that, to grow your customer base, and build long term customer loyalty.

Software packages like NetCourier from Metafour offer features such as pre-delivery email notifications throughout the delivery process to help to increasing confidence around narrow delivery windows or to head off customer service calls before they happen.

NetCourier also comes standard with its own online customer portal for each and every booking customer. Offer your customers the ability to login and make bookings, check delivery status on specific jobs, get reports on past booking history and more. All these features are designed to put more power at your customer’s finger tips, reducing incoming phone queries and ensuring they know where their items are at all times.

Home Delivery: Retailers’ Brave New World – which looks at customers’ expectations on services such as free shipping and same day delivery, and how the industry is responding to this demand – was published in November and is available free of charge on the RSR website.

Source: Retail Systems Research (RSR) see more