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Here at Metafour HQ, we are always looking for ways to ensure that our products are the best in the industry. The team works hard to ensure our software is always at the cutting-edge by investing in new technologies and creating features that help keep our customers ahead of their competition.

This is why we are excited to introduce the Hub! It has been designed to take all of our back-office features and functionality to the next level. Cloud-based, which is perfect for those that still have staff working from home, the Hub offers you everything you need to organise your customers, your bookings, and your carriers, all in one easy-to-use place. Completely customisable, your staff can set-up the folders, workflows, and information shown exactly the way they want, making them as efficient as possible.

So what’s new in the Hub?

User access controls

Our user access controls allow you to give everyone who uses your system different privileges depending on their job role. Locking down the areas that your staff can access is an important step to minimising risk to your system or data. For instance, you can give your customer service department access to quotes, bookings, and tracking information but no access to your invoicing, and vice-versa for your accounts team. Creating a new role is as simple as toggling yes or no to what you want the user to access, and they can be as granular as your business needs.

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Widgets allow you to see all of your important information at a glance. Current widgets include the current whereabouts of jobs you are watching, the status of your ‘async’ background tasks such as your invoice run, and key active driver information. Future widgets include an SLA snapshot, a quick profit and loss overview, and a list of customers getting close to their credit limit. All have been designed to make your business more efficient by flagging any issues for your immediate attention.

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Quick add

For ease of use, we have created a quick add button at the bottom of the Hub. This allows users to quickly add a new booking, user, client, product, supplier, and more. Highly customisable, users can add the top 9 quick adds that are most useful for their job role.

Global search

We believe that it should be quick and simple for our users to find their information, which is why we have added a global search function. Simply enter a string of information, and it will immediately pull up a list of relevant results. This will help to streamline your operations, and save you valuable time searching through specific folders for the answer to the query.

And more…

We have also improved our folder workflows, list view, and preview panels, to make sure that all of your information is as simple and easy to access as possible. If you would like to find out if our new Hub would work for your business, get in touch! Contact us on +44 (0)20 7912 2000 or email