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New Safe-Sign Technology Helps Drivers Keep Their Distance 

As software designers and responsible citizens, we must respond to the world around us; and at the moment that world is changing at a rapid pace. With the Covid-19 outbreak still at large in most countries around the world, the way we humans interact has changed for the foreseeable future.

Drivers are now at the front line delivering essential items to households, care homes, and hospitals, among others. A huge factor in transmitting this disease is interaction with people and objects – this includes mobile phones and PDA devices used by delivery drivers the world over. In this Covid-19 environment where our greatest weapon is social distancing, how do delivery drivers keep their distance and still collect that all-important signature?

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Our team had to respond quickly and have created a new app to allow signature capture at a safe distance. We have introduced a new Safe-Sign feature that uses QR codes to enable recipients to scan and sign remotely without ever touching the driver’s device. At the time of delivery, a unique QR code is created on the driver’s device. This gives the recipient the option to scan this code with their phone camera. Scanning the code takes the recipient to a signable field linked to their delivery letting them sign for the delivery on their own device. The app can be used through glass windows to limit contact completely. Throughout this process, there is never a need to break the social distancing guidelines, and the handwritten signature was collected for the courier company’s records. Drivers keep their distance, keeping the public safe. 

Not only is this feature suitable during lock-down, but it will add value post-lock-down as the public’s expectation will remain safety conscious.

The Metafour development team has integrated this new technology into our MetApp driver application ready for all NetCourier users to start using during lockdown. For more information please contact your account manager or call our general line on 0207 912 2000