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The team at Metafour are proud to introduce the host of new features as part of new NetCourier version 7.10. This release has seen some fantastic improvements in security, integrations and design.


Integration: FedEx ETD and upgrades to FedEx Integration 

Electronic Trade Documents (ETD) allows customers to submit their trade documents electronically, thus alleviating the need to manually print and attach customs documents to packages. ETD support is provided for FedEx International Priority® Freight (IPF), FedEx International Economy® Freight (IEF), FedEx International Priority® (IP), FedEx International Economy® (IE), FedEx International First ® (IF), including Brokerage Inclusive (BI) and Broker Select Option (BSO) options. ETD is required for shipments with Third Party Consignee (TPC).

Our team have also completed a project to upgrade the full FedEx integration to the latest version for improved performance.


Automatically add ad hoc charges to customer invoices

NetCourier users can now instruct the system to add ad hoc charges to Customer invoices. If you chose to, you will never incur extra charges on behalf of your customers. Simply set up NetCourier to add these to the invoice and pass on the cost to your customer. You can even apply a mark up if you wish to add additional charges. Pass on costs such as, additional handling charges, address corrections, customs and overnight charges.


Security: Improved password encryption and Cyber Essentials

Metafour can now confirm that we have passed the Cyber Essentials assessment. Cyber Essentials aims to help organisations implement basic levels of protection against cyber attacks. This is just one step Metafour has taken in our commitment to taking cyber security seriously and keeping our customers’ systems safe. Find out more in our recent blog post:

Read more about Metafour Cyber Essentials here 

As part of our cyber essentials certification we have improved NetCourier password encryption.


New API Booking features

With 7.10 we have continued to grow our list of booking API connected carriers. This 4th way of booking can help you to unlock potential, especially from larger customers with the IT infrastructure. Booking can be passed directly from your customers internal systems, through NetCourier, to the carrier, bringing back a label.

The carriers we have added to our booking API list are; DX, Aramex, Citysprint and eCourier. You can view all our integrations on the website here, or contact your account manager for more details.

NetCourier is now the only software platform on the market capable of printing thermal labels for Aramex, UK Mail and Royal Mail. By writing new complex programs that can convert PDF labels to thermal we are able to offer this fantastic addition to the integrations.

Now available as part of their standard integrations this feature will help you save time and money.


Design: Client portal login and additional customisable buttons

At Metafour we are seeing a trend of increasing online bookings, last year we saw online throughput grow by over 45%. With this in mind we want to make your client portals as attractive and user friendly as possible, that’s why in 7.10 we have released new login background options, so you can personalise and brand your login screen. Add an image or .gif to your login page today, just contact your account manager.

To give you more flexibility and better connect your customer portal to your website we have now brought in custom links. This means that you can now add links to your own or other web-pages inside client portal. These will appear in the top navigation bar and could be used for anything from contact us pages to terms and conditions.