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What3words have been in the news recently, as the technology was used by emergency services in remote rural Somerset to rescue a mother and daughter after a car crash. But did you know that this alternative to regular addresses is also available in NetCourier?

We have been partners with the award-winning company since 2017, when we immediately saw the benefits that dividing the world in to 3m x 3m grids would be for our customers. Any location, anywhere in the world would be able to be found quicker, more accurately, and with less ambiguity than other systems, limiting the chances of a miss-delivery and ultimately saving time. Tests have shown that using what3words can slash 30% off delivery times versus traditional street addresses.

NetCourier allows you to enter your address, and then ‘pin’ your preferred delivery location to the map. The driver can then use this unique three word reference to find the exact delivery location either via the free what3words app, or in other navigation tools such as Navmii or MapTrip.

Further information can be found at Additionally you can contact us on 020 7912 2000 or email