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Metafour is courier industry experts thanks to our industry-leading courier management system. But did you also know that we offered post room software? This innovative product allows you to manage your entire end-to-end mailroom delivery process? MetaMail ensures that any packages entering your business, building, apartment block, or halls of residence can be tracked and traced, minimising the risk of important parcels and letters being damaged or lost. Incoming parcels are logged on the system, a notification is sent to the recipient, and then the item can then be delivered directly to a specific desk, person, location, or smart locker. Proofs of delivery are captured using the messenger app, either by scanning a QR code, collecting an electronic signature, or by taking a photo of an ID card. This post room system helps to create a complete chain of custody for every letter and package entering your premises.

Our inbound post room software module allows you to track and trace incoming goods throughout your organisation. Not only does it cut the risk of loss or delay by offering complete accountability throughout the delivery process, but it also allows you to measure crucial service levels such as staff productivity and processing timescales.

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MetaMail Within

MetaMail within is the smart locker module of our post room software. Parcel lockers help you create an assured delivery process, in these days of agile living and working conditions. By leaving deliveries in a parcel locker ready to be collected with a unique QR or passcode, you can create a full audit trail regardless of when the item may be picked up.

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Our outbound post room software module helps to simplify your external deliveries and save valuable time. From comparing services and booking the most cost-effective option; to full track and trace visibility, our all-in-one system delivers immediate and lasting value for corporate mailrooms.

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