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With just over two months until Britain leaves the EU, a recent government survey has found that only 24% of UK businesses are ‘fully ready’ for Brexit. Many businesses have been spending the last few months mitigating the effects of Covid-19, but it is important not to ignore Brexit and its ramifications. The global logistics industry will undoubtedly be significantly affected, but businesses that invest in agile technologies and software systems will be those who come out on top. So how can NetCourier help?

Automate your processes

With the government warning of possible export delays of up to two days, ensuring the rest of your supply chain is as efficient as possible will be important to businesses who wish to stay ahead of their competition. Our delivery-management software has been designed to allow you to do exactly that.


  • Proforma and commercial invoice requirements will change, depending on the requirements set by the customs authorities in each country. Toggling them on or off for different regions is as simple as ticking a box in our system. This ensures all important information is collected directly from your customers, improving both accuracy and efficiency.


  • VAT and custom rules vary for each specific EU state, and payment will be required when the goods arrive in the EU. It is quick and simple to add these different surcharges to your prices, ensuring that your business remains profitable whilst reducing delays and disruptions at the border.


  • Our paperless trade integrations allow your office staff to upload electronic versions of your customs documentation, and submit them electronically to the customs agencies. It not only saves time by minimising the need to manually attach each document, but also reduces the chance of customs delays as they can be submitted and reviewed ahead of time. FedEx, DHL, and UPS are all supported.
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Improve your resilience

Opening new markets presents new opportunities for flexible companies. Our delivery-management software offers you the ability to adapt and diversify to changing global requirements. Companies with these responsive software solutions will find themselves in the best position next year.


  • Our multiple integrations allow you to offer a combination of cross-border delivery options specifically tailored to your business. Not only does it make it simple to add new services to your existing offering to take advantage of new opportunities, but it also allows you to build contingencies into your business. If, for example, one of your major suppliers suffers catastrophic IT issues that take their business down for days, it is simple to route these deliveries to a different supplier, ensuring no delays to your customers.


  • Regular software updates guarantee that your system remains fresh, with all of the features and functionality you need to stay ahead of your competition. We use our decades of experience, industry-knowledge, and customer suggestions to continually refine our delivery management software, to make it one less issue you have to think about.


  • When building a secure supply chain, it is important to consider the readiness of every business you deal with. For instance, we have designed our software with multiple workflows in order to offer our customers a seamless experience. If your customer’s computer goes down, for instance, our cloud-based portal can be accessed from any other machine so long as they have the right log-on credentials.

Increase your compliance

GDPR rules will continue to apply to the UK from the 1st of January 2020. If you operate or offer services to individuals in Europe after this time, you will still need to comply with the Regulations in order to avoid penalties. These can be stiff – Up to €20M Euro or 4% of global revenues depending upon the offence.


  • We take our data security seriously, and for the third year in a row we have successfully renewed our ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials certifications. They offer you the reassurance that we have rigorous information security management policies and procedures in place to protect your data.



  • During implementation, our team is happy to consult with you on your current businesses processes, and suggest potential areas for improvement. They can utilise their years of experience to advise on current industry norms, and ensure that your staff are aware of all the security features built into our delivery management software.
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If you are ready to find out more, please contact us on 020 7912 2000, email, or use our contact form.