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Fingerprint login for our courier driver app

Our courier driver app is used to track deliveries and capture signatures using smart phones or rugged handhelds. Create a clear audit trail from start to finish ensuring all items are accounted for, and share tracking with your customers in real time using our courier software.


Our courier driver app is used to:

  • Assign jobs to drivers on the go
  • Drivers can accept or reject jobs
  • Drivers can scan and record tracking at every stage
  • Sync PODs and tracking events with the controller instantly
  • Share tracking updates with your clients in real time

Fingerprint Touch ID is a seamless way to use your fingerprint as a pass-code. Your fingerprint is the most secure pass-codes in the world. It’s always with you, and nobody else has the same one as you. With just a touch of your device’s Home button, the Touch ID sensor quickly reads your fingerprint and automatically unlocks the driver app.


Why is Fingerprint Touch ID better?

  • Much quicker to log in
  • Useful if you need to access the app quickly when delivering to the door
  • Much more secure as no two fingerprints are alike
  • No need to remember credentials
  • Available on: iPhone 5s and above (5s, 6 and 6s)


NetCourier Driver App


So how does it all work?

According to Apple, “The steel ring surrounding the button detects your finger and tells Touch ID to start reading your fingerprint. The sensor uses advanced capacitive touch to take a high-resolution image from small sections of your fingerprint from the sub-epidermal layers of your skin. Touch ID then intelligently analyses this information with a remarkable degree of detail and precision. It categories your fingerprint as one of three basic types—arch, loop, or whorl. It also maps out individual details in the ridges that are smaller than the human eye can see and even inspects minor variations in ridge direction caused by pores and edge structures.

Touch ID can even read multiple fingerprints, and it can read fingerprints in 360-degrees of orientation. It then creates a mathematical representation of your fingerprint and compares this to your enrolled fingerprint data to identify a match and unlock your device. Touch ID will incrementally add new sections of your fingerprint to your enrolled fingerprint data to improve matching accuracy over time. Touch ID uses all of this to provide an accurate match and a very high level of security.”

For more information about the our Netcourier driver app visit the App page here.