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Artificial intelligence (AI) ¬†is going to change the way we do business, and according to experts the revolution is only just beginning. Across all business types, AI is being used to enhance our skills, making up for human limitations. AI has always been the stuff of Sci-Fi movies, but in 2016 AI is already being widely used in our daily lives. Apple’s Siri, Windows’ Cortana, and the Amazon Echo are all examples of simple AI used in our everyday lives. And Advances in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence have made voice recognition and things like driverless cars a reality.

Metafour has been Exploring the use of AI in Courier Software

But how? According to the experts, the advent of certain technologies like inexpensive high-speed internet, secure cloud storage, mobility solutions and low-cost devices has allowed the fantastical possibilities of the past to become real.

But is something like voice recognition really that useful in business? And how can it be used in Courier software? Couriers are already using google and apple AI for navigation and route planning in the form of google maps. But how can couriers integrate voice activation into existing courier management solutions?

The Metafour team have been experimenting with the New Amazon Echo smart speaker to try to simplify and speed up the access to data. So for instance, getting a quick quote which would usually involve filling out an online form manually, can now be done using voice commands. The team have programmed the Echo to understand what the user is asking for, and prompt the echo to ask follow up questions for required fields. For this to work, the program must know what data to access, and how to return the correct response and carry out the correct action.

Is this practical for everyday use? Depending on the business, voice recognition could be useful for getting quotes or specific reports just by asking. For the most part, voice recognition is still cumbersome and impractical in an office setting, but we believe it is worthwhile to explore new technology when looking at how to push software in this industry.

Time will tell if voice activation will become useful in Courier booking systems. But what is for certain is that AI is here to stay and will play a huge role in business in the future. At Metafour we believe in exploring practical uses for new technologies, and we continue to experiment with new additions to our solutions.