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015 has been an extremely busy year for the Metafour team. Our customer base has grown, and so has the sheer volume of jobs being processed through our courier software. The total number of jobs processed through our Courier Software has grown from 39,000,000 to over 43,400,000 in the past year. NetCourier software was used to ship items to 99% of the globe, and over 500,000,000 tracking events were captured and reported on. Over 17,000 businesses now place bookings with couriers using our courier software. We look forward to even more growth in the new year! NetCourier a year in numbers.

Courier Software

Over the past few years there have been many additions to the NetCourier product. Throughout the NetCourier product evolution we have introduced features that focus on providing value to your customers, help you sell, and enable you to stand out from the rest of the courier market. In 2016 we will be adding new features including visual reporting, google mapping and route planning, and Sameday booking capability to name just a few…