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The logistics industry is going through a period of massive disruption. With an increasing number of consumers turning to online shopping, expectations about their deliveries are continually increasing. Thanks in part to Amazon, customers now require their deliveries to be in their hands very quickly, with full tracking visibility and free returns. These expectations have put logistics companies under growing pressure to deliver a flexible service at an ever decreasing cost. Companies that are managing to thrive in this competitive sector have done so by making intelligent use of the technologies available.


NetCourier can help you to keep ahead in this rapidly changing sector. The industry-leading courier management software streamlines your business and manages your entire delivery process in one place. It is updated every six weeks to ensure that the software stays at the cutting-edge of the industry. Recent updates have included our next-generation API, which has not only sped up operations but also ensured that our integrations continue to remain at the forefront of technology.


DataSense, the built-in reporting tool, gives you access to the business intelligence required to make informed decisions about your company. The granular reporting tool can help you to monetise your data by offering clear and concise insights into your customer behaviour, usage trends, and staff productivity.


The unified system also allows users to automate some of their manual processes, making your operations more efficient. For instance, our invoice reconciliation tool allows you to automatically compare your invoices against agreed carrier costs, highlight any discrepancies, and automatically update weight, costs, and sales prices . This helps to reduce your administration time, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.


An agile and accessible technology, NetCourier is the smart option for companies looking for the best technology to manage their delivery process. Cloud based and secure, the courier management system allows you to focus on moving your company forward, rather than every day administration tasks. If you are interested in finding out how Metafour can help you, please call us on 020 7912 2000 or email