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How much of your customers’ international shipping business is going elsewhere?

You have spent years building strong relationships with your clients and you deserve to reap the rewards of that long standing business relationship. But if you are unable to cater all their needs you may be handing business to your competitors. Many couriers are having to turn away international shipping jobs due to a lack of effective international courier infrastructure. Why not grow international alongside your current offerings and profit from work you would otherwise turn away?

International courier shipments command higher margins than domestic jobs. Metafour can help you build an international offering quickly and easily. By automating your international operations, you can focus on growing your sales.




Let your customers shop for your live rates and book international services through you.    
  • Our margin management gives you control over your sales price
  • Start trading quickly. With live rates* feeding directly from DHL and FedEx setup is minimal
  • Your customers easily choose best rates, best routes, best timings for their job with our rate comparison tool

*We also offer live rates for DHL and FedEx means you can offer up to the minute rates on your bookable client portal.


Why use live rates?
  • Accuracy on supplier costs and all related surcharges at time of booking
  • Savings as your costs are up to the minute
  • Plug and play setup to get you trading fast
  • Estimated ETA direct from supplier in real time
  • Reduced workload on manual rate maintenance