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Billions of pounds are expected to be spent around the world on Black Friday and Cyber Monday . PwC has predicted that online sales will account for almost half of all purchases, which means that courier companies are in for a bumper windfall. Many have extended their delivery hours to include after-hours and weekend deliveries, and have also taken on temporary staff in order to cope with the high volumes. However, the hard work does not stop after the parcel has been delivered. All of the jobs need to be correctly invoiced, supplier invoices need to be reconciled, and drivers need to be paid. NetCourier can help you to streamline all of these tasks.

It is simple to configure automatic invoicing for your clients. The system allows you to set invoices to be automatically created and emailed out to your customers on a specific schedule. Not only does this feature help you to save time, but it also ensures that no invoices are missed through human error. Getting these documents emailed out on time increases the chances of early or on-time payments from customers; ultimately helping to improve your cash flow.

It is also easy to automate your invoice reconciliation. This process electronically compares your supplier invoice with the agreed costs already in your system, and will highlight all discrepancies. Our clever feature will also update your actual weights, costs, and sales prices. Both of these features help you to save resources, allow you to deploy your staff to other areas, and ensure that all profit and loss reports created are accurate.

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The system also allows you to simplify your Sameday driver payments. Reports can be run from the system, either manually or in batches, to find out exactly how much your delivery personnel are owed. Extras, such as parking tickets and uniform costs can be added automatically to these statements either in total or as a series of scheduled deductions, and it is simple to set up top-up extras to ensure that your drivers earn a guaranteed minimum wage. All of these driver payment features help you to ensure that your staff are paid correctly, reducing queries and helping to make you stand out from the crowd.

We are happy to give you a demo of these features, either online or at your office. Simply call us on +44 20 7912 2000 or email us on to arrange!