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5 things to ask yourself about your courier software provider

There are many courier software providers in the logistics industry today. Choosing between software solutions can be difficult, and at times can seem like comparing apples and oranges. On the face of it, the software functionality itself seems like the most important thing, and of course it is important, but there are other aspects to consider when choosing a software partner.

A healthy working relationship is as important as functionality, and your own customers needs should be at the top of your priority list. In the UK today, many players in the logistics industry have begun to merge or be bought out, or fold. This means that priorities can change, and it is important to ensure that the priorities of your software partner are consistent with your own.


Here are 5 things to ask yourself about your current software provider:
  1. Is your courier software provider focused on your industry? In the current landscape, software providers alike are being bought out by large networks, this can lead to a shift in their priorities creating uncertainty.
  2. Do they pay enough attention to your business requirement? Courier software should come standard with great service and support from experts in your field.
  3. Does your current system offer your customers the service they expect? Is your courier software giving you what you need to grow your customer base and keep your customers coming back year on year? software users have high expectations of modern software, if your systems are falling short, its a matter of time before they leave. Click here to read about the industry leading NetCourier Customer Portal.
  4. Are they providing modern cloud based solutions? Locally hosting solutions can come with an unnecessarily high price tag, and presents unwanted challenges. It is important that your provider is constantly delivering upgrades to your systems.
  5. Is your current solution flexible enough to suit your business model? If it isn’t, you will find that you are being charged for every tiny change you need to make to your courier software. Differentiating yourself from competitors is essential in today’s market, you need a partner who can help you compete.


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