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The world is shrinking every day as the advancement of technology extends the reach of businesses around the world. With customers now able to choose from companies across the globe, the courier industry is becoming ever more competitive. Businesses need to differentiate themselves by offering their customers more value than they are receiving from other companies. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

A good IT system is a must. Investing in your infrastructure, in your computers, software, and other equipment can give you an edge over your competition.


    1. Better customer service
      Excellent customer service is what makes your clients return time and again. Providing an intelligent and user-friendly front end is all important when pricing is no longer a differentiator. Modern software suites are equipped to provide online self-service for users, allowing them to access their booking history, invoices, and tracking updates instantly.


    1. Greater cost efficiency
      Savings can be made by automating everyday tasks, as the resources typically required to perform these functions can be reduced. This can then be passed on to your customers, ultimately providing true value for money.


    1. Reduced paperwork
      In these modern days of cloud computing, it is simple to run your business online. This helps you to eliminate your reliance on physical manifests and proof of deliveries; not only making your customers happier by ensuring information is immediately available at their fingertips, but also reducing the potential risk of exposure for your sensitive information.


    1. Seamless connections
      Being able to effortlessly send and receive data from both suppliers and clients reduces a lot of the friction that can occur with this day-to-day process. NetCourier offers a host of different transfer options to help you streamline your operations.


    1. Increased productivity
      With the right courier software, you can get more work done with fewer working-hours. A good package will deliver immediate operational benefits, freeing up time to focus on your current accounts and winning new business.


    1. Real-time updates
      Customers increasingly expect delivery updates as a standard feature of their delivery process. To stay current, you need the capability to update your customers with their delivery status in real time. NetCourier’s integrated mobile app allows your deliveries to be tracked in real time, and offers your customers immediate access to their proof of deliveries.


    1. Improved processing speeds
      Smart companies are automating their operations in order to minimise working-hours spent manually entering data, checking invoices, and fixing double-entry errors. Software packages such as NetCourier are designed to reduce time spent processing jobs, dealing with invoices, and analysing data.


    1. Connected workforce
      Good communication between your drivers on the road and your workforce at your depot helps to create a seamless customer experience. Introducing a mobile app helps to ensure that your drivers are kept up to date with all of their deliveries and your customers receive real-time tracking.


    1. Enhanced billing
      Getting paid regularly and on time is key for companies in order to be in the best commercial position. Our modern courier software system will allow you to automatically create and send out your invoices to your customers, reducing the potential for human errors and offering your accounts team a firm foundation to work from.


  1. Monetised data
    An intimate knowledge of all aspects of your company’s performance is pivotal to your growth, so your data should be the backbone of your business. A comprehensive IT system offers you powerful tools such as DataSense, to help you make the most of your information.

Working with a good courier software company will allow your business to harness the power of technology to stay ahead of your competition. Call Metafour today on 020 7912 2000 or email for a free consultation.